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What Is Divorce Coaching?

Divorce Coaching is a partnership. Together, you and I will engage in a thought-provoking and creative process that will inspire you to optimize the outcome of your separation and divorce.  I’ll be your thinking partner, sounding board, and champion. I’ll help you focus on and achieve what it is that you want and need from the divorce transition on a practical, emotional and holistic level.”

I believe that experiencing a less conflict-driven divorce is the best way to Divorce Well.

It wasn’t just through my parents’ high-conflict divorce that I learned the true value of time, but it started there. After years of being alienated from my father, I finally re-established a relationship with him as a young adult, only to suddenly lose him again, this time to heart failure, when he was only fifty-three. The years where we were apart are years I will never get back, one of my deepest wounds, forever changing my perspective on life.


After graduating from law school, it was this tragic loss that drew me to the practice of family law, propelled by my passion to help other families avoid some of the pitfalls I witnessed during my own parents’ divorce. And for the better part of a decade, my core values and beliefs strongly informed my legal practice; helping hundreds of families divorce as well as they could within the traditional system. Yet something about the practice of law always left me feeling unfulfilled. I knew there had to be a better way to employ my unique set of skills and experience: a better future for me, more in sync with who I am and the people I wish to serve.


Around the time that I started a family of my own and became a mother of two, I discovered the field of Divorce Coaching and quickly enrolled. Now, as a Certified Divorce Coach and Transition & Recovery Specialist, I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to support separating spouses in a way that I was never able to do as a divorce lawyer. It’s so fulfilling for me to walk alongside my clients throughout their journeys, witnessing their growth and peaceful transitions; in awe of the unique ways in which they choose to repurpose their hardships and rediscover themselves.


I believe that experiencing a less conflict-driven divorce is the best way to Divorce Well. And when you decide to Divorce Well, what you are really choosing is to make space for yourself to receive the invaluable gift of time. Instead of lingering in the anger, guilt, shame or resentment, you are allowing yourself the time to explore what new joys lie ahead. Because I can assure you that the happiest you’ve been is not the happiest you will ever be.

So why not get back to your joy?

Divorce Differently. Divorce Well.

If you’re tired of the stressful, high-conflict, lengthy divorce process and are ready to take the high road, please get in touch. I would love to support you as you work to become the very best version of yourself.


On both a practical and personal level, I can help you maximize your precious time and to discover the joy and fulfillment that lies ahead.

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