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Is coaching the same as therapy?

No. A therapist is a trained professional who can help you address psychological or mental health concerns. It is possible that you will need to see a therapist, psychologist or other mental health professional in addition to your divorce coaching service.


You're also a lawyer, can you give me legal advice?

I am a retired lawyer, but I do not provide legal advice in my practice as a Divorce Coach. In almost all cases, you will need to seek legal advice as a result of your separation or divorce. 


What does a Divorce Coach not do?

A Divorce Coach is not a lawyer, financial expert, medical professional or mental health professional. If necessary, I can help you build the team of experts necessary for your divorce journey.


Who can benefit from a Divorce Coach?

Anyone at any stage of their separation or divorce, even if you haven’t quite made the decision to separate. Divorce Coaching can help you:


  • Save money

  • Save time

  • Safeguard your children’s wellbeing

  • Reduce stress & overwhelm

  • Gain clarity

  • De-escalate conflict

  • Improve communication

  • Create a new normal

  • Maintain dignity

  • Improve stability

  • Re-balance

  • Reduce worry

  • Prioritize your wellbeing

  • Find freedom

  • Feel more fulfilled

  • Minimize regrets

  • Pursue healthier relationships

  • Discover a new sense of direction

  • Achieve greater peace of mind

  • Rediscover your joy

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